Waterford Homecrafts ended 2016 on a high. The 2016 Christmas Craft Fair in the Garter Lane Arts Centre was a resounding success. The Homecrafts managed to increase sales and the profile of their local Christmas event that has become a tradition in Waterford for over 30 years.

The Waterford Homecrafts Christmas Craft Fair sales increased by 15% on 2015 and they credit their success to many reasons. Committee member and local crafts person Mauney Doyle expressed “People are conscious of buying local quality products and the feedback from our customers was that they loved the unique variety, high quality crafts and found it value for their money.”

2016 was the Waterford Homecrafts 33rd Christmas Craft Fair. It has steadily grown and developed over the past ten years and the quality of the crafts from the craft members, many who are members of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, is second to none. Crafts people are striking the right chord with people who are looking for unique gifts and really appreciate the wonderful local talent.

Garter Lane Arts Centre is the perfect location for our annual Christmas Craft Fair and the Homecrafts were delighted with all their great support” expressed local basket weaver and Homecrafts committee member Cathy Hayden. Artistic director at the Garter Lane Arts Centre, Caroline Senior was “thrilled at the high quality locally made crafts displayed at the craft fair in Garter Lane” and added that she “thought it was the best place to do your Christmas shopping.”

Carmel Grant, PRO for the Waterford Homecrafts thinks that another reason for the success of the 2016 craft fair was down to the excellent high quality craft products showcased. “Returning customers were amazed with the high standard and the large selection available” she said, “It’s  fantastic to see the wonderful appreciation from the customers, they enjoyed the shopping experience in the Garter Lane Arts Centre and the few I spoke to said they made many shopping trips in to the craft fair over the 27 days it was open.”

Being a part of the Winterval Festival program has given the Waterford Homecrafts Christmas Craft Fair huge publicity and increased sales since 2012. “We feel that 2016 was our biggest and best craft fair to date and being a part of the Winterval festival programme again brought a vast amount of new customers through the door and has done so every year since the festival began” explained Carmel, “Even though the Homecrafts have hosted the Christmas Craft Fair for over 30 years, being a part of a citywide Christmas programme like Winterval not only benefited our craft fair and more importantly our craft members, but the city too. The atmosphere was amazing and we hope the festival will continue to grow.”

Chairperson of the Waterford Homecrafts Co-op, Mary O’Neill stated that “We would really like to thank all of our customers, old and new, for supporting us again in 2016. Without our customers and our talented craft members, we would not have this splendid annual craft fair. We are already planning and looking forward to our Christmas Craft Fair for 2017!”.

The Waterford Homecrafts will hold a summer craft fair in Dunmore East in August and if you would like more information you can follow them on Facebook or go to www.waterfordhomecrafts.com.

Local Craft Fair Ends 2016 on a High
Local Craft Fair Ends 2016 on a High
Local Craft Fair Ends 2016 on a High
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